Crowdfunding to implement OAuth CP in pfSense

The idea is to make a post fundraising to finance hours OAuth authentication mechanism deployment development in the pfSense Captive Portal on demand versions (via comments at end of page), taking into account the latest version 2.3.2.

The authentication via OAuth will allow integration with multiple portals login integration, such as:

  • Facebook
  • Google (Gmail)
  • Github
  • Among others using the mechanism OAuth

What will be developed?

  • Configuration Page for OAuth integration of portals
  • Customizable login page.
  • Page of "Terms of Use"
  • Engine integration OAuth
  • Engine access report
  • Login integration Proxy (??? demand ???)
Users suggestions:
  • Possibility to make (check in / post wall) on Facebook (hint: Tácio Andrade)

The implementation of the patch will be free?

Yes, the idea of crowdfunding is only to finance the working hours involved in code, testing, and support. All the code will be available under BSD license (or beerware -- as you wish) and your files are versioned in Gitlab.

Why not use a crowdfunding portal?

Because they have a cost, or better, a commission and a whole bureaucracy for payments, as it comes to an implementation that is not too large, I do not see why not do it directly.

And I'll be updating at the end of this post a list of crowdfunding contributors.

What is the financial goal?

There is no set goal, because the idea is to pay hours of development in relation to my day-to-day, though, so I can reach a goal of US$ 500.00 can start the development of the same, making other contributions as an incentive.

How do I make a contribution?


Any questions, leave a message in the comments here at the end of the post.




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