Luiz Gustavo (gugabsd)

Hi, i am Luiz Gustavo

IT Consult | Back-end Develop | Network Expertise | BSD/Linux | DevOp

Braga, Portugal

Luiz Gustavo Costa

IT Consult - Front-end Developer (Python/PHP/JS/C++) - Network Expertise - DevOp - BSD/Linux



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From MSX to virtual environments today, went through a lot since coding, decoding, shifted with logical cabling, climbed into the building to install wirelless antenna, unlocked hub and switch in a building corridor, faced the cold freezing datacentes (always forgetting coat), I traveled to all that is sing to support network environments (the most exotic to excellent) ... (continued)

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IT Consult

With over 15 years of experience in computer networking and open source solutions can take a broad view of much of what happens in it and make use of it and fruit to meet project demands, taking them as daily challenge for achievement and learning.


My first computer book was a book of programming in BASIC for MSX and since then I have been acquiring experience in a series of programming environment at the beginning on the desktop and in the cloud today. Despite working with PHP since version 3, in recent years I have worked a lot with Python, passion language at first sight, perfect for Front-end and management *nix systems.

Linux and BSD variants

With Linux, my first experience was on Slackware 3.5 and since then I have him as a defiant passion, I followed the whole evolution of your kernel and sponsored distributions and parallel met our system "demonic" FreeBSD, through BSD variants such as OpenBSD and NetBSD but consolidating on FreeBSD and earning the nickname "gugabsd".

Network Service

In my experience with BSD/Linux, i went through various environment and in them I gained expertise in managing networked productivity tool, starting with Apache and Bind, Qmail and Postfix past, customizing proxy environments with Squid and leaving Mr. Gates with hair-raising to implement heterogeneous environments with Samba and Cia.

Open Source Community

Since the beginning, when I learned the concept of ratio in the old BBS`s, I learned to share my work and my knowledge and in that spirit I always tried to contribute my best. Whenever there was a need to learn and know the background a tool, the developers tried to always be with their updates until I have enough experience to make my own free projects.

Orchestration and Virtual Environments (DevOps)

Today, with the implementation of cloud computing and the need to distribute environments, the need arises to work with a tool to unify the management of all this and it comes tools like Puppet, Chef and Ansible - Our friend DevOp

Sweating the shirt on Centreon

I am currently working as a Developer Operator (DevOps).

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Professional Resume


Ciencias da Computação

Universidade do Grande Rio - Curso superior de Computação


1999 - Trancado

Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT)

RHCT Certificate number: 604006130599966

Red Hat




  • System Automation
  • Development and support
  • Docker Orchestration
  • Cluster Solutions
  • Monitoring Systems
  • Open Software (Linux & BSD)


2018 - Actual
Paris/France (Remote from Portugal)


  • Virtualization (VMWare)
  • Monitoring (Centreon/Nagios)
  • System Automation
  • Development and support
  • Embedded solutions (Raspberry, ARM ...)
  • Docker Orchestration
  • Databases (SQL and NoSQL)
  • Cluster Solutions
  • Network Manager
  • Open Software (Linux & BSD)

W4M Solutions

2017 - 2018

Director / Consult

Company operating in the consulting market in networks and software with emphasis on the use of free software and license saving solutions. Acting as aggregator and partner in developing solutions for network design and software.

  • Automation and development (C, C++, Python, PHP)
  • Network Administration
  • General Open Source
  • Environment Virtualization

Mundounix Consultoria em TI

2009 - 2017

Infrastructure Engineer

  • Automation and development (C, C++, Python, PHP)
  • Network Administration
  • General Open Source
  • Heterogeneous environments (Main SAMBA4 – Active Directory)
  • Environment Virtualization

Fidelize Tecnologia em Informação

2013 - 2014
Rio de Janeiro/RJ


BSD Perimeter was founded in late 2006 by Chris Buechler and Scott Ullrich, the founders of pfSense, to bring commercial backing and support to the pfSense and m0n0wall projects. We are located in Louisville, Kentucky, in the United States. Our staff are located around the world, with the support and consulting staff primarily based in the US, and development staff around the world.

  • Development with PHP/C/C++ languages
  • Commercial and Open Projects
  • pfSense source code Support
  • Development network project
  • Tests and development with new technologies

BSD Perimeter LLC

Kentucky/EUA (remoto)

Linux Consult BSD/Unix/Network

  • Cisco Administration
  • Firewall/Security BSD/Cisco
  • Planning/Deploy of Projects
  • Attendance “on-site” commercial customers

Datasul Infraestrutura

2007 - 2008

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